This is continued from Kickstarting “Good Taste & Gatherings”

Last month we featured a Los Angeles based Producer, Dawn LaMattina Asher and her Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming documentary web series Good Taste & Gatherings—a celebration of everyday Foodies who translate their passion for hospitality and cuisine into extraordinary community experiences.

This Labor Day weekend marked the half way point for her campaign, and she’s still finding time to celebrate the art of cuisine and hospitality in her own life. Last weekend she immersed herself in creative collaboration with over 350 artists at an extraordinary experience in the mountains called Terra Nova (you can catch a glimpse of their weekend here).

This year, Dawn had the opportunity to lead one of the break out sessions, a workshop she calls “The Art of a Dinner Party.” Artists unfamiliar with cuisine and hospitality joined her to learn that everyone has the creativity to design and host a memorable gathering. In Dawn’s words:

“It’s not about entertaining for the sake of your own appearance and performance. It’s certainly not about perfection. Hospitality means so much more—it’s about the guests. The role of a good host is to provide for your guests’ needs, whether it be a home to stay, nourishing edibles, a listening ear, or simply acceptance. It can happen in any kind of setting, formal or informal, with a gourmet spread or canned soup. You are never under-qualified to provide a safe space with good food and good hospitality.”

Together, each workshop attendee brainstormed a concept for their own personal gathering, for which they were encouraged to cordially invite five special guests. To guide them, Dawn broke down the brainstorm process into three elements:

Ambiance: How does the character and atmosphere of your space feel?
Interaction: How do you lead your guests to converse and connect?
Edibles: How and what do you feed them?

Complete with a dining experience, inspiration boards and quick reference resources like design journals, food magazines and cook books, the attendees had plenty of inspiration. She met with each artist along the way, acting as a sounding board and offering suggestions. Dawn was impressed with their abundant creativity and eagerness to serve their communities with authentic and original hospitality.

After a full weekend of project creations, the entire camp got to experience an unforgettable “Picnic Under the Stars” and final campfire celebration, designed by Dawn, along with her team of friends and talented artists: Sarah Magidoff, Ruth Warner, Chad Phillips and Young Mi Chi. Together they crafted a time for the artists to celebrate and reflect on their weekend in the mountains. New friendships were forged, inspirations shared, and laughter and joy filled the crisp evening air.

As the Kickstarter campaign is fast approaching it’s closing, remember you can join the movement that will inspire memorable and community-growing experiences, just like the one Dawn experienced over Labor Day weekend.

To partner and collaborate with Dawn & Tribe of Asher, please visit her Kickstarter and Facebook.

Photo Credit: Sarah Magidoff