Accompanying summer’s hot weather is often a decided lack of hair inspiration. Spending hours blow-drying or curling our hair can be unappealing when really we just want it up and out of our face. Because the Glitter Guide is one of our go-tos for easy hair and beauty tips, we asked them to share this simple braided crown tutorial below. It’s perfect for getting the best both of worlds, summery and stylish.

Who knew that a braided crown hairstyle could be so much easier to achieve than it looks? Cara McLeay is breaking this boho style down into six simple steps. 

What You’ll Need:
XO Styling Iron (or hot styling tool of your choice)
Bobby pins
Mini clear elastic ties
Bumble & bumble Does it All Styling Spray

braided crown tutorial


1. Take a large section of hair from one side of your head and braid it, making sure to pull the hair back as you braid so that it will lay flat against your head. Secure braid with an elastic and gently pull on it for a slightly undone look. (Cara’s tip: Gently pulling on the braid also hides imperfections and adds volume!)

2. Take a smaller section of hair from the other side of your head, and repeat the first step.

3. Take the first larger braid and position it so that it sweeps across the back of your head. Tuck in the ends and secure the braid with a bobby pin or two. Be sure to hide the pin(s) in your hair.

4. Take the smaller braid from the other side and position it so that it sweeps across the back of your head. Lay it on top of the bigger braid. Tuck the ends into the bigger braid and secure with bobby pins (as many as you feel you need!), again making sure to hide them in your hair. 

5. Create soft waves on the rest of your locks using the XO Styling Iron.

6. Spray your whole head with styling spray or hairspray, and smooth out any uneven areas.

For more hair and beauty inspiration (and a discount code for the XO Styling Iron!) head over to Glitter Guide, here.

Photography by Erin SousaStyling by Cara McLeay


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