A sunrise over the beach coastline


There’s a draft of cold air coming off my old, chipped windows.
It reaches my bed, where I am swaddled in blankets and adorned with long socks.
It fills my lungs with fresh, spring air. 

The sunlight plays with the shadows on my wall.
Downstairs, my dog barks at the man across the street.

Slowly, I am beckoned to life.
This time with gentle breezes and growing light.

If the world awakens one deepening breath at a time, then maybe so should I.
Before I let the to-do list fill my mind, I’ll lie here and let the sun come up.

I’ll look for the squirrels that come out of their hiding places.
I’ll listen to the birds make their morning calls.
I’ll watch the trees shift and sway and sunbathe.

Just this morning, I’ll see how it is done.

When you wake up in the morning, do reach for your phone straight-away? How can you practically set aside time in the morning just for yourselves?

Image via Raisa Zwart Photography

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