Floral arrangements are so often the subtle element of an event or styling of a room–the gentle detail that simply augments the color palette already present.  With this shoot, we were inspired to challenge these traditions — by juxtaposing unexpected colors and textures and drawing dramatic attention to the floral arrangements themselves.

The vision was to celebrate the unexpected, while still respecting the beauty and femininity of the subject.


Concept + Photography: Caroline of Woodnote Photography
Hair + Makeup: Amy Clarke


  1. How ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! What an INCREDIBLY eye catching shoot. The artists involved should be so proud!

  2. My compliments to the artists. As a musician, I have always said that “there are a million practitioners who are highly proficient at every art form but in this days of large numbers, if an artist stands out as unique and recognizable, that in my estimation, is a true criterion of something ‘stand out’ special” and I do believe you have done just that. Dominique has been the subject of other photo shoots but this shoot casts her in a totally unique light, unlike others, and I applaud the artistry of it. By way of introduction, I am also her Father! *S* Great job Caroline and crew.

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