Growing up, I loved spending my summers in Honduras. Whether it is the fresh aromas of island coconut juice and fried plantains or the rustling sound of crashing waves on the beach, Honduras always comforted my mind with its calming scenery and culturally vibrant traditions.

It’s a land flowing with fresh coffee beans and all-natural, tropical produce. This Central American destination offers adventure in the great outdoors in addition to its well-known, ancient relics. From snorkeling and zip lining to waterfall diving in the rainforests, this country perfectly gives visitors a reason to pack their bags and book the first flight over.

Here are just a few reasons Honduras should be your next vacation oasis:

Cataratas de Puhlapanzak

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With the thrilling rush of its lofty falls, Puhlapanzak offers a breath-taking tour of the country’s most famous waterfall experience. During a visit to this park, local tour guides hike with you through the course of the fall’s cliffs. In addition, visitors can dive into the waters with tour attendants to discover the hidden caves and spelunk behind the roaring waters.

The park also features a walkway for visitors to take pictures of Puhlapanzak and to picnic on the grounds after a 45-minute tour.

Lago de Yojoa

As one of the largest lakes in Honduras, Lago de Yojoa allures visitors from all over to experience the open waters surrounded by mountainous terrain. Spanning approximately ten miles in length, the lake touches different parts of the countryside outskirts.

Whether it is time to take a personal hiatus from the busyness of life or it’s time to experience raw nature, Lago de Yojoa is a dreamer’s path to tranquility. Friendly village people often use it for agricultural resources—including fresh fish, green foliage and water.

Isla de Roatan

Known to house some of the most beautiful beach areas, the little coastal island of Roatan is a must-see. People from all over the world, including Europe, come annually to enjoy the refreshing of crystal-blue waters and pillow-soft sands. Roatan is filled with beach resorts — such as the Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort.

Offering everything from kayaking and tubing to snorkeling and scuba diving, this get-away island inspires the adventurous spirit.


Copan is a city of significant architecture because of its Maya-Indian influence. Within every crevice, the country’s history lies open to the world as it expresses stories through its ancient remnants. Local hotels, such as Hotel Marina Copan, typically propose packages that include tours of the city’s historical ruins.

Touring the ancient ruins gives such a sense of wonder as you’re propelled through hundreds of years in history. The beautiful city of Copan also offers a world-renowned Canopy Tour, stretching over “14 zip-lines through the hilltops northeast.” The rush of wind from this zip-lining experience never fails to feel exhilarating and worth the height.

La Ceiba

We always book a white-water rafting experience at La Ceiba’s very own Rio Cangrejal. The river’s rushing waters cover rock formations and mountain scenery while visitors gawk over the surrounding wildlife. The country’s rainforests offer a well-suited backdrop of towering green trees and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see.

Another feature found in La Ceiba is the Pico Bonito National Park. Locals encourage you to put the cell phone down and enjoy watching the wildlife — including tropical toucans and white-headed capuchin monkeys.

What is your favorite summer vacation spot?

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  1. It makes me so happy to see such a great post about Honduras. Since I got to first experience it twelve years ago, I am deeply in love with the country and its people. There is so much beauty hidden there and it made me smile to see it represented here! Thank you!

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