With spring break or summer vacation still weeks — maybe even months — away, chances are high that winter’s rain cloud could be casting just a little too much shade for your liking. How to bring back the sun? While we may not be able to control the weather or the hands of time, we can  control our attitude. And our immediate living and working environments play a major role in determining that.

Right now is the perfect time to add a little spring  to your stuff, and you don’t need to redecorate your entire home to do so. You actually only need four products, and we’re demonstrating which kinds of products below with help of Fab, our newly-discovered go-to for all things inspired, vibrant, and capturing that joie de vivre  we could all use a little more of.

How to Spring-ify Your Home with Only 4 Products | DARLING

1. Something reflective.

There’s no better way to brighten up a room than by adding a little extra sunshine — literally. A mirror, like this carved wooden sun from Fab, is small enough so that it can be used to accent art or a gallery wall but still large enough to get noticed all on its own. Reflective surfaces, especially in a small corner or entry-way, are your best friend when it comes to boosting mood and reminding you of someplace warm.

How to Spring-ify Your Home with Only 4 Products | DARLING

2. Something inspiring.

Your next must-have piece to usher in spring is a print that reminds you of your favorite (or next great) escape. What you surround yourself with is what you become, therefore, if that previously dreary or messy catch-all corner now contains a visual reminder of a place that was life-giving, hopeful or exciting for you, you’re far more likely to embody that same spirit while at home.

We chose our Nor-Cal counterpart, San Francisco, for a subtle nod to some classic, clean design that doesn’t quite follow all the rules.

cactus vase

3. Something unexpected.

One of the best things about spring is the sudden burst with which nature appears, adding unexpected elements where there previously were none. That same idea can be incorporated into your interior design by adding something out of the ordinary, a fresh take on an old use.

We loved this cactus vase from Fab for exactly that reason; it’s functional, but in a joyful, modern way. (Plus, the desert vibe has us thinking of warm summer nights, sand between our toes, and fresh fish tacos. Never a bad thing.)


4. Something that transports you.

If there is one thing that has the power to transform a space over anything else, it’s sound. That’s why a turntable — like this great Crosley number via Fab — or any other music-playing device is essential for throwing back the shades and letting the light (and lyrics) in. In our opinion, nothing beats vinyl; it fosters a connection to another era, another time and place, that’s perfect for beating the winter blues.

And there you have it! Four simple suggestions for sprinkling some spring throughout your home.

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How do you like to bring spring indoors?

Images via Nicole Ziza Bauer

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