Unlike winter’s cloaking costumes, bathing suits reveal bodies for what they are: natural, complex, ours. This kind of exposure can be intimidating as we bare what is otherwise mostly hidden behind bedroom walls. Prancing around in next to nothing, we open ourselves up to scrutiny — that of others, maybe — but mostly, of our own. We tend to be our own harshest critic, agonizing over the differences between our body and say, a supermodel’s.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, though the media often tends toward a narrow-minded viewpoint on what is beautiful and aspirational.  We are constantly being promised “ultimate diet secrets” and ways to “get the perfect body” by magazines and TV shows, yet through that we are also being programmed to feel ashamed of our imperfections; leading to a disappointing self-image and insecurity. Yet, rather than focusing on the so called flaws in our figure, the true path to contentment is found by embracing our bodies in full, the way one embraces a friend or a loved one.


As we bask in longer days and balmy temperatures, so too should a healthy body should be celebrated. Having a swimsuit that suits your figure will help give you the confidence to enjoy the warmer months in style. And nothing is more beautiful than confidence.

So drop your doubts along with your towel, and dive in with one of these bathing beauties!

Balance a smaller top with a larger bottom by wearing ruffles, prints and light colors on top. Solid bottoms draw less attention, and a high waist with structure can flatter curves.

Embellishments on hips add volume and help to balance a fuller bust. Prints and ruffles also draw the eye, while halter necks are perfect for broad shoulders.

Create shape using angled stripes, peplums and plunging v-necks. A slightly padded top with a print is ideal for adding curves, or embrace a slim frame with a delicate string bikini.

Support a full bust with a balconette, or structured top.  A sporty tankini smooths out extreme curves, while criss-crossed styles celebrate shape.  Accentuate a narrow waist with side paneling and ruching.

Vertical stripes or paneling streamline the figure, and thick straps provide support. Create smooth lines and avoid uncomfortable pinching with a halter neck and low back on top, and a boy short or soft-waisted bottom.

Do you cringe over or crave swimsuit season? How can you better embrace your body shape this year?
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