A Note From The Editor: We recently had a friend of Darling, Kelsea Olivia, attend the Axis show in New York City. Below she is sharing her recap of the event and some of her favorite brands and designers that she wanted to share with us!

All three days of Axis at Pier 94 in New York City were filled to the brim with meaningful connections, exposure to new and exciting makers, as well as several sneak peeks of spring collections from some well-loved brands.

Throughout the experience, Axis provided the perfect environment to create new and worthwhile relationships — as well as experience the tangible work from a wide range of creative makers of beauty products, home decor and goods, women’s apparel and accessories.

Perhaps one of the most valuable qualities of the show was the high level of authenticity that came across in nearly every interaction I had. For me, it has always been easy to talk to people in ernest excitement about Darling Magazine, because I believe in the mission and what the publication stands for. It was so inspiring to see other growing business owners representing their brand with such effortless enthusiasm.

Axis Show Recap | DARLING

Throughout my time at Axis I not only was able to connect with countless Darling readers, stockists and brands we are currently in partnership with, but I took away with me some new discoveries that I cannot simply live without!

Here are a few standout discoveries from my time at Axis:

B&O Play

I’ve been on the hunt for a wireless speaker for some time now. What has previously gotten in my way of committing to this type of purchase is the lack of a both high quality speaker system paired with something that is aesthetically pleasing. Residing in NYC, where living space is often quite limited, I have become incredibly particular about each and every item in our home, making sure that they serve both a purpose and evoke a sense of beauty.

At Axis I had the pleasure of connecting with B&O Play’s rep, Lindsay, and she introduced me to this incredible line of audio equipment and I feel like I finally found what I was looking for all along! Not only is the sound quality of their Bluetooth pristine, but each piece is stunning. I mean, I’m proud to show these speakers out in the open, in my personal space and if anything I feel that they bring additional character and warmth to our home. My favorite product from B&O Play so far is their Beloit 15 in champagne. It’s so gorgeous and sounds amazing!

Corinne Collection

I met Susan Kim the first day of the trade show and was quickly drawn to her line. The collection, consisting of pieces made from French Terry in neutral tones including soft greys, blushes, creams and black creates a truly diverse line of dresses, tops, skirts and pants. I would classify her entire collection as luxuriously comfortable and entirely chic. Also, Each piece is sourced and made in the U.S. so I couldn’t feel more excited about supporting a designer with such a strong
Commitment to ethical fashion.

Irina Victoria Jewelry

Boston based jeweler, Irina Victoria, caught my eye with her elegantly minimal pieces. Her stacking rings are so fun and the line includes several customizable pieces that lend themselves to the perfect personalized gift! This line is also made in the U.S. by Irina herself and on top of being a talented accessories designer she also used to be a scientist! Be sure to check out her lovely pieces and read her full story on her website listed above.

Images provided by Kelsea Olivia

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