A Note From The Editor: This is part of our A Lovely Arrangement series, which features inspiration and advice on creating beautiful floral arrangements using inexpensive supermarket flowers. Catch up on previous posts here.

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Eucalyptus typically serves as filler for bouquets and arrangements, but I have found three new ways to utilize this beautiful greenery.

Minimal decor: Eucalyptus can create a simple statement on its own. It would be great to place them into a beautiful vase for the dinner table or nightstand.

Natural aromatherapy: If you hang a bundle of eucalyptus to your shower head, the steam from the hot water will create an amazing aroma-therapeutic solution for a sore throat or sore muscles.

Fire starter: I discovered this trick as an accident when I was trying to start a fire without any lighter fluid or starter logs. I happened to have some dried eucalyptus and I quickly realized the oil from the branches created the same sort of effect.

Price: $4

Source: Trader Joe’s

Image via Paige Jones

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