A Note From The Editor: The following is a new series we’ll be doing featuring inspiration and advice on creating beautiful floral arrangements using inexpensive supermarket flowers. We hope you enjoy it and fill your home with fresh blooms as a result!

A Lovely Arrangement // 1 | Darling Magazine

Not only can flowers instantly brighten up our homes and lives, they can also positively impact guests who come over for dinner, or others that share the same living space. Even though all of us aren’t lucky enough to live next to a wildflower field, or have the luxury of ordering professional floral arrangements, there are definitely other feasible options available. This post series will provide you inspiration and advice on how to create arrangements out of supermarket flowers. Yup, supermarket flowers. And the best part is that each arrangement will be under $20 so that it will fit right into your grocery list.

This arrangement was created with a summer bouquet that only cost $4. I foraged a bit of greenery to add to the arrangement, giving it a more lush and lively look. Using a mason jar as a vase was the perfect way to hold this small arrangement, and adding a bit of twine gave it a lovely accent.

Price: $4
Source: Trader Joe’s
Tip: Cut the stems of flowers one at a time at an angle. This will be cleaner and allow the flowers to drink the water better so that the blooms will last longer.

Photo by Paige Jones

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  1. This is amazing! I can’t believe it only cost $4. This is something I can definitely work into my budget. Flowers add something special to any place and at such a low cost, it’s something that it SO worth it! Thanks for the inspiration, Allison.

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