True compassion comes from channeling hardship into solutions for another’s pain. At Darling, we are eager to support individuals looking for sustainable ways to affect change and alleviate suffering.

Pamela Hunter became an entrepreneur by simply looking for a way to calm her daughter, Ransom, who was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. Sensory processing disorders change the way the nervous system perceives outside stimuli, such as making noises louder or spatial awareness difficult. Hunter found that during an anxious episode, tight hugs soothed her daughter. She began searching for weighted blankets, but was dissatisfied with synthetic options.

Instead Hunter created a hand-crocheted blanket made from dead stock fabric, resulting in a product that is not only beautiful, but also reduces waste by using the leftovers from other companies.

Hunter knew the benefits of these blankets could reach much farther than her own home. Weighted blankets are thought to increase serotonin, helping patients with anxiety, depression, insomnia, special needs, and cancer treatment. Hunter’s blankets provide the same comfort, while using only cotton jersey and other soft cotton blends, so that the blanket is much simpler, safer, and appealing to the eye.

Help us support her on Kickstarter, where she hopes to earn enough to start her own warehouse and hire individuals with special needs!

Images provided by Sheltered Co. 

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