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We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s an episode of When Roots Attack because you’ve gone a little longer than usual before scheduling a salon visit. Maybe it’s a simple necessity you plan for in your beauty routine. Or maybe, it’s the change of the seasons and with it comes that urge for something new. Whatever it is, we know what it’s like to stroll through the drugstore and linger a little bit longer over those beauty schools in a box: hair dye. What shade? What brand? What’s cheapest? What’s easiest? What ensures me minimal risk of completely destroying my hair?

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to discover the ease and efficacy of L’Oréal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue. Firm believers that beauty is about bringing out and highlighting your best — and never about spending hours turning yourself into something you’re not — we decided to put Mousse Absolue to the test to determine how it would help (or hinder) a morning routine.

The result? See for yourself.

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Christie was used to getting her hair professionally colored at a salon. However, it had a been a few months since finding the time (and dime) to fit in an appointment. She wanted an easy and budget-friendly option to touching up her roots at home, while still maintaining the natural look that made her feel most like herself.

Using L’Oréal’s online consultation tool, Christie determined that 900 Pure Light Blonde was her perfect shade. Taking care to cover her clothes and hands, she removed the canister from the box and shook it to activate the formula without any messy mixing in sight. Targeting her roots, she slowly applied the mousse to the crown and sides of her head (continually shaking the canister to ensure proper activation) before leaving her hair to set. It almost felt too easy, and because of that, we wondered if there would be any noticeable change at all.

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After a 30-minute set time and sufficient rinsing, Christie used the included creme conditioner to seal in the color and give her hair a nourishing boost. At this stage, some change in her roots was evident, but doubt remained as to how noticeable the final product would be. After a second wash and blow-dry, the doubts were gone and the results confirmed: her previously dark roots had vanished, giving way to a natural, multi-dimensional blonde that seamlessly blended with the rest of her hair.

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We know that adding permanent color to your hair can be intimidating, which is why we loved how this mousse came premixed and ready to use. For shorter applications, such as root touch-ups, one box can provide up to three applications, helping reduce waste and stretch the dollar. If you’re in the mood to change up your locks, we recommend to start simple with a natural base and see how Mousse Absolue can work for you!

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What has been your home hair dye experience? What color makes you feel most like yourself?

Videography and Editing by Samuel SmithImages by Morgan Ashley PhotographyTalent by Christie Brooke (@clevercb); “We’ll Make It!” performed by Goldheart


  1. As a Professional Hair Stylist I do recommend this product. I have worked as a Hair stylist color lead for L’Oreal “Reflections of Beauty” Tour. The only point I would like to make is this works great if your going for a blonde shade and your not any deeper in natural tone than a dark blonde. If you are a brunette or have any red in your hair, this product will not have the result as shown in the photo. This model has a dark blonde root.
    The product is low in ammonia and very safe for at home coloring! Its one of the best over the counter hair color product out on the market now.

  2. I really appreciate that Christie looks happy and cute in her “before” picture, unlike the commonly seen glum, sans-makeup pictures that are supposed to make the subject look unhappy before her makeover. Makeovers are fun, but not necessary for happiness!

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