Finding the time, money or resources to refresh your style can be difficult, yet every woman wants to look and feel her best as a way of reflecting on the outside who she is on the inside.

That’s why a few months ago Darling Beauty Editor Sunnie Brook asked readers to enter a giveaway on her blog for the chance to win a one-on-one transformation session at the Darling studio. We’re excited to share the story of the three winners here, along with exclusive instructions from Sunnie on how to translate the looks for yourself.

First up: Meet Ashlee.

From Sunnie:
Ashlee had amazing natural wave and texture in her hair.


She was so brave and let me give her hair the chop chop!


To highlight her features I gave her a side part and played up her bright eyes with a bit of shading with a smokey eyeshadow.


Glowing skin and a new haircut gave her inspiration for a fresh beauty wardrobe!


Here’s a bit more detail on how to recreate Ashlee’s tousled texture hair and soft smokey eye:

For the hair:
1. On damp hair create a side part using the arch of the brow as a guide.
2. Spray surf spray on sections of the hair.
3. Use fingers to blow dry hair bending the hair and pushing wave into it as it dries.
4. Wrap random sections that need a bit more wave around a 1-1/2 inch iron.
5. Let curls cool and separate with fingers
6. Use a soft hold hairspray to keep look in place.

For the eye:
1. Prep the skin with Kate Sommerville Skin Care
2. Sweep a soft grey eyeshadow across the lids.
3. Use a blending brush to soften the color and blend shadow from the outer corner of the eyes.
5. Take a smaller blending brush and gently sweep color along bottom lash line to create a soft halo of eyeshadow.
6. Dampen a small dense brush, apply eyeshadow and press along the top lash line to create more definition.
7. Finish the look with two applications of mascara.

Stay tuned for the next Fresh Look reveal to come soon!
Director: Claire Thomas 
Director of Photography: Yayo Ahumada
Hair + Makeup: Sunnie Brook
Assistant: Kat Thompson
Wardrobe: Haley Roemen

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