A woman squating with her arms outstretched

Radiant, Remarkable Woman

A word-seamstress,
I stitch my tales,
Each thread entwined
With lives. 

I write for girls
And women too;
My soul’s flames char
These lines. 

Like Moses’ bush,
This heart ablaze
Speaks clear and poised —
Please hear: 

“Friend, use your gifts
To bless the world.
You’re made unique
And dear. 

Through a kind word,
Art formed from love,
Simple smiles on
The street, 

Your own great strengths
Feed empty souls,
Even those you
Won’t meet. 

For drought-parched hearts
Your sweet deeds are
A river’s bracing

Take courage then;
Your work’s of worth.
Strike fires of zest
And dreams.

Trail-blaze onward,
Boldly chasing
Your star,
And hold to this truth:
You were made to spread joy.
What a radiant, remarkable woman
You are!”

Image via Colette de Barros, Darling Issue No. 16

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