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We’re deep into summertime, that time when anything al fresco is better (with some shade and a cool drink included). That’s why scoring any kind of living situation that includes outdoor space can feel akin to striking gold — especially in a city.

But knowing exactly how to style such a situation, in particular if its on the small side, can be tough. Instead of serving as your natural haven, that porch, patio or balcony can easily turn into a catch-all for muddy boots and neglected plants.

Let’s fix that.

We asked Darling’s Interiors Editor, Rachel Meadows, for her five best tips to transform a tiny outdoor space. Utilizing CB2‘s extensive range of affordable and modern furniture, below Rachel details what to keep in mind when reclaiming your outdoor domain.

1. Fill the space.

Even if your outdoor space is on the smaller side, you can still fill it with furniture. Maximize the capacity with pieces that are transitional and versatile, like CB2’s EBB outdoor sectional (great because you can purchase in however many sections your space allows). Add an ottoman for additional seating or as a coffee table when hosting a gathering.

2. Must have, greenery.

An outdoor area should never be without greenery. Flower boxes and planters are an easy, low-cost way to incorporate greens and add texture into your outdoor space. Hang a planter box of flowers to your railing or add a planter full of succulents to your dining table.

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3. Personal touches.

A key ingredient in decorating an outdoor space is that it reflects your personal style. Add special personal touches with wind chimes, vases or add a hint of metallic. Just because your outdoor space is small doesn’t mean it should lack on style.

4. Keep it simple.

Choose a palette of muted tonal shades. A neutral color scheme keeps all the design elements from overwhelming a small space and allows the landscape to take center stage.

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If you have an outdoor space like this, can we come over?

5. Mix and match textures.

Incorporating different textures with pillows, accessories or a floor pouf is a great way to add interest to the space. Pull in different patterns and textures together in the same tonal family to keep the space cohesive.

Above all, any outdoor space should do two things: give you an excuse to go barefoot and soak up a little more vitamin D. Here’s to enjoying more fresh air in the months to come!

And PS. Select CB2 outdoor pieces are up to 35% off until August 1!

This post is brought to you by Darling partner, CB2. All thoughts, opinions and reviews remain Darling’s own.

Do you have an outdoor space? What’s your favorite way to use it?

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  1. You can buy a roll of plastic ivy fence off Amazon for cheap. It looks cuter than you’d expect and gives a decent level of privacy. I just attached mine with UV rated zip ties so it’s super easy to remove when I leave.

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