There has never been a better time to wear glasses. Eyewear selection is more diverse and affordable than ever before, and those women we love (yes, Tina Fey and Zooey Deschanel we’re talking to you!) have thankfully inspired a whole new way to look at wearing frames. For those of us channeling our inner Tina and Zooey, plus those who are ready to take the leap into a brand new bespectacled look, knowing when you’ve found your perfect pair(s) is essential.

Here are five telltale signs that you’ve found some keepers:

You’re Inspired

For the first time ever, you’re thinking about your wardrobe in a whole new way – all because of your glasses. Dressing from the frames down can inspire fresh, new looks.


Playing For Keeps

Gone are the days of pushing your frames up over your head and only wearing glasses when you have to. Unlike frames of the past, you now keep these specs on at all times –even on date night (gasp)!


Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Your frames hug in all the right places and rest easy. It’s also comforting to know that while they’re maximizing your vision, they’re bringing out your best features (what pretty eyes you have!) too.


Compliments, Compliments

Truth be told, you rarely go a day without someone commenting on your frames. They look that good.


Frame Love

Now that you’ve found what works, you can’t help but want a frame for every season and day of the week. Frames are an inexpensive accessory that help you express all of your different moods from day to day.


A few final pieces of advice? Let your frames lead the way, trust those instincts and have fun taking the leap into your perfect pair. We all have sparks of Tina and Zooey within us, now’s the time to let them shine through!

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