Summer seems to be everyone’s favorite season, as the long days and warm sunshine give way for endless things to do. Whether you feel like summer is just getting started or you’re ready for a vacation from your vacation, the list that follows is a great way to soak up the remaining bits of a season that’s hopefully filled you with love, sunshine, laughter and good company.

Adventure, whether planned or spontaneous, can be simple or extravagant. The idea is to simply do the things you love to do before bidding this charming summer season farewell.


1. Go sailing.
2. Preserve summer’s best food.
3. Send photo postcards of things you did this summer.
4. Wear a dress everyday simply because you can.
5. Learn how to stand up paddleboard.
6. Slow dance in the kitchen with your beloved.
7. Read one book by summer’s end.
8. Take a canoe ride at dusk.
9. Host a movie night in your backyard.
10. Say yes to the change that’s coming.
11. Have a pool party.
12. Make honeydew and mint slushies.
13. Drink rosé in a park.
14. Press summer flowers to send in Christmas cards.
15. Skinny dip in a lake.
16. Have a fire on the beach.
17. Make popsicles.
18. Put your phone down and look up.
19. Go slower and don’t feel guilty about it.
20. DIY a teepee for your children to play in.
21. Wrap up unfinished projects before the New Year.
22. Find a new swimming hole.
23. Bake something, anything, with blueberries.
24. Host a few dinner parties.
25. Sit, breathe and relax.
26. Hug more.
27. Wake up at dawn.
28. Ride a scooter around town.
29. Burn your to-do list if it doesn’t excite you.
30. Share your gratitude.

Here’s a suggestion to use this list: print it out, grab your friends and start checking away! Fun is always better when shared.

How are you savoring summer’s end?

Image via Chelsie Autumn Photography


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