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Reaching for protein when it’s snack time is a sure-fire way to stay nourished and energized when the mid-day slump would otherwise kick in (I’m talking to you, 3pm donut-craving). Focusing on protein and fat provides longer lasting fuel than all of those pre-packaged, carb-centric snacks that are readily available for gals on the go.

Aim for whole, unprocessed and organic foods whenever possible. Be wary of things that come in wrappers or have ingredients you can’t pronounce. Remember, snacks can be smaller portions of foods that you normally eat during mealtime!

Here are 18 ideas for healthy snacking.

1. Hard Boiled Eggs

Grab them plain, or chop ‘em up with some avocado for an easy-peasy snack.

2. Salmon or Turkey Jerky 

Look for some without added sugar or gluten.

3. Spring Rolls

I love making these for a party or friends potluck, too. Always make extra, as they are great to grab n’ go the next day.

4. Nuts

Choose raw almonds, macadamia, cashew, walnut, pecan, pistachio.

5. Seeds

Sunflower, pumpkin, chia, hemp (plain, or added to any you eat, really).

6. Healthy Trail Mix

Include some of the nuts/seeds above, adding in goji berries, raw coconut chips, and raw cocoa nibs for delish chocolate vibes.

7. Apple or pear smothered in almond butter.

8. Coconut Yogurt

Look for an unsweetened variety or make your own! Top with hemp seeds and berries, but why stop there?

9. Frittata Muffins

These are the best grab n’ go super snack! Add lots of veggies, and these are very balanced in their macros (fats/proteins/carbohydrates), which is a fancy way of saying a bangin’ snack idea.

10. Hummus

I prefer chickpea free, for easy digestion. If you do eat regular hummus, find some made with sprouted chickpeas or take digestive enzymes to avoid the, “I-just-had-hummus” toots.

11. Tuna Salad

You can’t go wrong; mix it up + pop in a kale leaf like a burrito.

12. Egg Salad

Smeared in another kale leaf.

13. Warm up some soup or veggies.

Add in nutritional yeast.

14. Small Superfood Smoothie

Add in hemp or pumpkin seed protein powder for added satiety.

15. Nut Butter Boat

Use celery and your favorite nut butter.

16. Goji-Berry Prana Nuggets 

If you find yourself craving chocolate like Michael Phelps craves water, then these are your BFF.

17. Paleo Muffins or Scones

Who says baked goods aren’t good for you? Use almond and cashew meal instead of processed wheat flours to achieve a fudgy scone experience.

18. Avocado 

Halved and filled with sunflower seeds + nutritional yeast, dash of tamari, etc.

Don’t forget: Leftovers are your best friend. Eat the healthy ones!

What are some of your go-to healthy snacks?

Image via Abby Louna


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