Worrying about eating healthy over the holidays is a thing of the past, thanks to Chalkboard Mag‘s unending wisdom on all things clean + green. We love this round-up of healthy baking ingredients so that we can join in all the delicious fun to be had right now. Here’s to making, having, and eating all the cake, too.

LET THE BAKING BEGIN! We’re ready to hit the kitchen this holiday season and bake up a storm…or at least one batch of cookies, before we run out of time.

We’re calling out some of the most fantastic ingredients for holiday baking this year, from impressive extras like edible flowers to carmel-y, healthful white sugar alternatives like coconut sugar, that will keep your baking game strong. Read through our list and make a couple of adjustments to those classic cookie recipes.

PS. Need recipes to work with? Check out some of our favorite treats here and here!

1. Vanilla Ghee

Ghee is the new butter, and Tava takes things to a whole other level infusing their grass-fed, 100% lactose free ghee with Madagascar vanilla bean, enhancing baked goods – or simply toast – with a divine aroma, flavor and slew of health benefits!

2. Natural Extracts

Bringing flavor to your sweets doesn’t have to mean using artificial flavors loaded with dyes and chemicals. Reach for the real thing with extracts made from pure food extracts.

3. Coconut Oil

It is here to stay, and it’s an absolute necessity for baking. It’s ideal for higher heat cooking like baking and Nutiva’s cold-pressed variety is never refined, deodorized or bleached.

4. Goji Berries

Try adding a pop of superfoods to your holiday cookies. Instead of those raisin buttons on your gingerbread man, try swapping in these sweet gojis, packed with nutrition and a prettier color. We love this superfood goji brownie recipe.

5. Creamed Coconut

Dairy free? No worries! Creamed coconut is the easiest and best solution for whipped cream lover’s out there. Add a pinch of sugar and whip until it holds peaks. Perfect for frosting cakes, cookies or just adding a dab to your hot cocoa.

6. Smoked Chocolate Chips

We’re all for trying pops of interesting flavors in surprising places. Add these smoky chips to a classic chocolate chip cookie for an unexpected blend of sweet and savory.

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Image via Terrain; Text by Milena Mallory


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