The war you’re fighting with your body is entirely voluntary.

Step 1

In order to wave the white flag,
realize that you are not your body.
You live in your body,
but it’s not who you are.

You’d still be you
In a bigger or smaller body.
In a black or white body.
In a short or tall body.
Remember Freaky Friday?
Yeah, great movie and great example of this.

Step 2

Realize your body isn’t fighting back.
You’re picking on yourself.
Our bodies get so much pressure and criticism
from culture and other people.
We need to have a posture of “defend and protect,”
instead of joining in on the hate.
See your body as something that
You can choose to defend or pick on.

Step 3

Find a few contradictions
in the cultural standard of beauty
That you’re ruthlessly holding yourself to.
In the 60’s, it was attractive to
Have a fuller figure and
being too thin was what companies
wanted women to fear.

There is no battle to fight.
The people making “the rules”
can’t even keep it consistent.
Make your own rules.
Choose to love you.

Image via Megan Galante, Darling Issue No. 24

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